Unleash the Power of Job Architecture

With a simple and intuitive interface, organizing your workforce has never been easier or more cost effective

Meritarc’s Job Architecture module is an integrated system of products that work with our platform or independently through open APIs

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Job Catalogue | Position Descriptions | Goal Library

Benefit from a curated list of positions that match your firm, grouped in a logical hierarchy

Custom-Built Job Catalogue

  • Jobs that are relevant for the precise type of work your firm does
  • Divisions, functions and roles are all organized into a logical hierarchy
  • User-ready, but also user-friendly if you want to tailor it quickly to precisely match your firm
Easily Customizable
  • Add net new functions, bespoke to your firm
  • Roll functions into alternate divisions
  • Enable/disable various roles
  • Enable/disable applicable seniority levels by role
  • Advance and simplify career pathing and workforce planning

Efficiently produce and manage position descriptions in a central, cloud-based hub

Industry-Leading Position Descriptions

Easy to Use
  • Access, produce and/or store high quality position descriptions in a cloud-based hub
  • Navigate pre-loaded descriptions through a user-friendly interface or keyword search
Premium Content
  • Industry-specific objectives for every role, at three levels of seniority
  • Competencies for every role, at 8 different levels of proficiency
  • Expected behaviors that align with your firm values flow into each role
  • A built-in Risk Management Framework to appropriately share risk accountability
  • Accelerate recruiting efforts and enable objective promotion criteria, pay equity, and higher productivity

Sprint into effective performance management by deploying comprehensive goals

Extensive Goal Library

Role-Specific Goals
  • Thousands of industry-specific goals for roles that match your firm
  • Each goal is provided at 3 levels of seniority (senior, mid-career, and junior)
  • Accept as-is or edit as you prefer
Improve Productivity
  • Rather than an empty form, all employees receive rich and consistent goals
  • Easy and meaningful goal-setting that drives engagement and efficiencies
  • Everyone knows exactly what is expected of them

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